Is 5G the Big Step Up People are Claiming?

If you are the type of person who keeps up with the latest tech news, you have probably heard about 5G a few times. And you are probably one of the people who is now fairly hyped up about this potential change. But we wanted to talk about what we are going to see with 5G in the future. We also wanted to discuss some of the tech, such as the quadrature hybrid coupler, that will need some improvement before the rollout for this service is possible. The fact is that 5G is promising a lot more than just faster internet speed.

What you are getting with 5G is speeds that are immense compared to what we are getting now – even with 4G LTE. Many people already see 4G LTE as comparable to their home internet connection, when the speed is at its max. But you will see 5G as a huge improvement. The speeds are easily four or five times faster – and that is not an exaggeration. What you also get is much lower latency. And that is crucial for many new technologies that are upcoming. For instance, things like self driving cars will need that faster speed and lower latency.

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The reality is that we are soon going to have internet speeds on our phones that are better than what 90% of people in the United States get in their home internet connection. And that means you may not even need a home connection in the future. A smartphone package that has unlimited data could be enough for most individuals. And families that have more than one plan could just use those devices around the house too. It is going to bring a sea change in how we connect to the internet – and in the way that companies can use the internet for new types of services and products.